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  • Quality Extensions by negetics

    negetics is proud to provide quality extensions for Joomla.

    If you use "Presentation Slider Slim", please post a rating and a review at the Joomla! Extensions Directory

    If you use "Horizon Slim", please post a rating and a review at the Joomla! Extensions Directory

    Quality Extensions
  • developing Joomla extensions is work

    It takes a lot of time and effort to create a high quality Joomla extension.

    For example i spent about 100 hours developing the "Horizon Slim module". And it is avaiable free of charge. So if you would have to let someone develop such an extension exclusivly for you, you can do the math that it would be quiet expensive!

    By giving feedback you will motivate developers to keep up their work.

    development is work
  • Even when it works out of the Box

    I found that people who encountered a problem with my module and i was able to help the were much more likely to support my work than people who had no problems and got it up and running flawlessly!

    So i encourage you to give me some feedback even if you get it to work without my help ;)

    I was thinking about that fact and came to the conclusion that this might be a reason for so many buggy extensions out there ;) I mean take a look at Microsoft i bet there are thousands of people living from the Bugs Windows suffers from.

    Even when it works at once
  • Donations will keep extensions free of charge for everybody

    If you make donations for developers who braught you quality extensions for free those donations will help to keep the extensions free. So buy a coffe or maybe a beer for one or another developer from time to time so they have something to drink while coding ;)

    Donations keep it free
  • These Slides where created with my new module negetics "Presentation Slider Pro"

    I just released this new Extension. It is designed to make eye-catching "Presentation Slideshows" from Jommla Articles inside a category.

    You can find more Information here

    Prresentation Slider Pro

Donations will help to keep this Extension free of charge and up to Date. So if you use this Extension please consider to make a small Donation


If you use "Presentation Slider Slim", please post a rating and a review at the Joomla! Extensions Directory.

This is the newest most stable Version

I strongly recommend to download negetics "Presentation Slider Slim 0.2.0_RC1"
negetics "Presentation Slider Slim" (0.2.2_RC1) is avaiable under the GPL 2.0.
You can download the Module package here:

Older Versions

None at this time.

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