negetics Horizon eyecandy for your website
  • negetics "Presentation Slider Pro"

    is a powerful slider Module for Joomla.

    With "Presentation Slider Pro" you can display your Articles IntroText or thanks to the powerful "Mini Templating Engine" only Parts of your Articles Content in a beautiful and user-friendly Slider with vertical Text Lables as you can see here.


    • Valid HTML output
    • Crossbrowser Compatible
    • works nearly "out of the box"
    • Easy to configure
    • Easy to customize to match nearly every possible Layout
    Presentation Slider Pro
  • give your Site a professional look & feel

    negetics PSP data

    Nearly every aspect of the Module can be configured to fit your Sites Design.
    With "Presentation Slider Pro" it is possible to Align the Handle Texts and Counter Numbers independently.
    You can change the Handle Colors, Fonts, Width, Height. You can apply your own background Images, Colors, create your own content templates and much more.

    an Eye-catching way to
  • With negetics "Presentation Slider Pro"

    Execute Conten Plugins

    you can present virtually any Kind of Data.

    It pulls the Slides Contents out of ordinary Joomla Articles and is capable of executing content Plugins. So you can integrate nearly anything you want inside the Slides, like a Gallery, Videos, everything you can put inside a normal Joomla Article.

    present your Data
  • negetics "Presentation Slider Slim"

    True Type Font Support

    supports True type Fonts for the Handle Labels

    I integrated some free TTF's within the Module but you can easily add your own Fonts by copying them to the fonts folder inside the Modules folder structure

    So it is possible to integrate your own Font's matching your Corporate Identity.

    True Type Font support
  • negetics "Presentation Slider Slim"

    Mini Templating Engine

    can be used as an Article Teaser.

    It can be configured to show Article Intro-Texts or you can use the "Mini Templating Engine" to pull Data from Article Intro/Full-Texts. It is possible to choose data from HTML Elements like the first Image or the text of the second paragraph and put it in your own HTML "Mini Template"

    Article Teasing
  • See it in action

    Check out the Demos

    under "General Demos" you can find some possible configurations of "Presentation Slider Pro". I tried to give a good overview of the possibilities but there are many more.

    Check out the Demos

negetics Presentation Slider Pro Overview

negetics "Presentation Slider Pro" is an easy to use Joomla Module for creating an eye-catching horizontal Accordion from Articles within a chosen Category. It is a very nice way to present your favorite Articles, projects or any other Data.

"Presentation Slider Pro" Documentation

The documentation for negetics "Presentation Slider Pro"

Read more: "Presentation Slider Pro" Documentation


Questions & Suggestions

Here you can post comments and questions.

Read more: Questions & Suggestions


Make sure to checkout the Demos ;)


PSP Teaser

Here are the Seetings I used for the "Presentation Slider Pro" Teaser.

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Invisible Handle

You can set the Handle width to "0" to make it invisible.

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Inverse effect

I found these settings on a website using "Presentation Slider Slim" and was amazed because I never thought about this possibility ;)

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Transparent Template

You can add a Transparent Background Image to the Template to get an overlay Effect for the supplied Background-Images.

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Background extends Handle

You can add a Background-Image that extends your Handle.

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Equally sized Slides

As seen with "Horizon Slim" it is possible to create equally sized Slides with "Presentation Slider Pro" wich react to mouseover events.

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