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"Golden Ratio Image Rotator" Documentation

The documentation for negetics "Golden Ratio Image Rotator"

Configuration and Installation instructions.

What does it do exactly ?

"Golden Ratio Image Rotator" Is an easy to use Joomla 1.5 Module. It will display Images from a chosen Image Folder in a nice Horizontal Image Slider as seen above in this page.

This module needs php5 and GDlib installed to work proper.

How to get it up and running:

  1. Upload and install negetics "Golden Ratio Image Rotator"
  2. Add a negetics "Golden Ratio Image Rotator" module in the desired module position.
  3. Chose an Image Folder
  4. set the width and height for the Image Slider
  5. Modify additional parameters if you like
  6. Watch it :)

The parameters should mostly be self explaining. However i will add some detailed Information on the Parameters in the next days.

I designed negetics "Golden Ratio Image Rotator" to be easy customizable. So there are many settings to apply for Colors and Paddings so that it will be easy to customize it according to your Sites Look and feel."

The Module contains a promotion Link wich can be hidden via the module settings. If you do not want that Link you can eather remove it yourself by editing the view PHP file or you can purchase a commercial version of this module wich i will release soon for a very reasonable price. This Version will allthough have some additional features.

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