negetics Horizon eyecandy for your website
  • No big Javascript Framework needed! It works without Mootools or jQuery.

  • Easy to set up! You can just build your Slides as normal Joomla Articles

  • Its a stunning Effect! Make your Site look great today.

  • Search Engine friendly! negetics "Horizon Slim" builds w3c conform HTML.

  • No Flash required! negetics "Horizon Slim" is coded with Javascript ont top of a HTML list structure

  • Negetics "Horizon Slim" add some Eye-Candy to your joomla site today!
    "Horizon Slim" is a simple to use but powerful Joomla Module. Can be used as Bannerslider - Image Slideshow - or even as a Menu

extensions @ negetics - home of "Horizon Slim"

Welcome to "extensions @ negetics".

If you are looking for some Quality Joomla 1.5 Extensions you have come to the right place.

At the moment i provide some Eyecatching Extensions to give your website a uniq look and optimize its usibility.

The "Presentation Slider Pro" is a powerful Article Teaser Module which will list Articles from a chosen Category inside a horizontal Accordion with TrueType-Text Lables.
"Presentation Slider Slim" is a free more lightweight Verion of the Pro Module.

The "Horizon Slim" Module lets you easily integrate a horizontal Accordion containing Images and Texts or any HTML contents you want to your website. It is extremly flexible and can be used for many purposes - for example as an Image Slideshow, a Menu, an Article Teaser...

The "Golden Ratio Image Rotator" is an Image Slider Module with a very uniq look.

You can find most of my Free Extensions listed at the official home for Joomla Extensions if you are interested in what people say about my Extensions.


A tip for my german visitors

If you are from germany you might find these sites of interest: - a german Thesaurus website based on wikipedia and wiktionary data. - it is an Event site for many german cities.

if you are looking for a Joomla developer for your projects or just need a website check out:


"Presentation Slider Pro" Documentation

The documentation for negetics "Presentation Slider Pro"

Read more: "Presentation Slider Pro" Documentation


"Presentation Slider Slim" Documentation

The documentation for negetics "Presentation Slider Slim"

Read more: "Presentation Slider Slim" Documentation


"Horizon Slim" Documentation

The documentation for negetics "Horizon Slim"

Read more: "Horizon Slim" Documentation


"Golden Ratio Image Rotator" Documentation

The documentation for negetics "Golden Ratio Image Rotator"

Read more: "Golden Ratio Image Rotator" Documentation

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